How we consistently produce dozens of well-qualified leads every month ORGANICALLY

Using four simple 5-10 minute videos recorded on our smartphones

What our clients are saying...

Ian Altman

I love how easy Kathleen and Emma make their process. Content marketing seems to just happen now, without much work on my end.

Ian Altman - Author and Creator of Same Side Selling Academy

John Lincoln, Core Focus Consulting

To go from "let's put out a piece of content about x" to having something on my site, ready to share, in less than 10 days, is always a thrill.

John Lincoln - Creator of Core Focus Consulting

Who are we?


KATHLEEN CELMINS - Co-Founder & CEO of AmplifiedNOW

I love helping businesses who really don't like marketing create a system that brings in more leads and more sales, but, blissfully runs in the background.

June Headshot

EMMA BATES - Co-Founder & COO of AmplifiedNOW

I create systems that make you look good. From tech connections to making sure the right link goes out to your list, I'm good at the details that help your business run smoothly.

Our goal is to help business owners get their expertise into more of the hands that need it most. We're here to help you make more money, of course, but chances are, you're not just in business to make more money. You created something of value. We want to help you get it into the hands of the people who need it most.