Write copy faster than it takes you to make coffee in the morning...

without spending thousands of dollars on a copywriter even if you struggle to write a text message to your best friend

PLEASE NOTE: What you're about to discover is designed specifically for people who have something to sell, but can't for the life of them put the value of what they're selling into words. It's for people who have spent many hours, staring at a blank screen, trying to write something that sounds a little more compelling than "I made this, please buy it." If you've got the thousands required to hire a trained writer, email me. I can help you out.

Dive in for only $99!

Your first, empowering step, starts with being honest with yourself and asking if any of the following is holding you back from selling the amazing product you just finished...

You shudder at the idea of writing "sales copy"

Even though you know it works, because copy has convinced you to buy something in the past

You don't want to hire a copywriter

Because at this point, you're just not ready to shell out the cash

You are tired of your product being the "best kept secret" in your industry

But you don't know how to move forward

Above all else, somewhere along the line, you've convinced yourself that maybe your product isn't selling because it's just not very good.

no copy

Unfortunately, in today's world, it's all too common for creators like you and me to feel this way as we sabotage ourselves before we give it a fair shake...

But what if there were a way to solve BLANK PAGE SYNDROME once and for all?

It's time for some real talk.

product creators copy block system

How would feel if someone swooped in and wrote all the right words to increase your sales on your products or services?

How would you feel then?

don't celebrate yet

Go chill the champagne...

Because I'm about to change your relationship to your copy, your writing, and to bring a little bit if (dare I say?) FUN back into this process!

When it feels like you've tried everything, and you're still staring at a blank screen, sometimes a solution aligns itself...


The Copy Blocks System

2- copy blocks system

If you have ever struggled through writing copy, wondering if it's compelling, or how much information you need to give away, then this program is for you...

No matter your education, writing skills, age, energy, or experience, you will have a blast (really!) writing sales copy in an easily digestible way that will convince even your most ardent critic (that's you, by the way) that your product or service is something your audience needs.

Hi, I'm Emma.

I finally got fed up of being afraid to write sales copy. I hired a copywriting coach and worked hard on my craft until it finally clicked.

Now, I consider copywriting an easy, and fun task instead of something I used to dread.

I'm here to tell you that sales copy is simple once you "get it" and I want to help more people to stop being afraid to sell and start making more money with their products.

And the results speak for themselves. I've taught copy blocks to dozens of people, and the method works for them too. This got me thinking...

What if I could help more creators all over the world (and not just the ones who hired me to write their sales pages) unlock what I've learned about copywriting to their advantage too?

june headshot

Imagine a near future where...

  • The thought of writing a new sales page won't be something you try to wriggle out of.
  • You feel free to create new offers as they came to you, without worry or stress.
  • You're back in control of your copy (instead of having "write copy" take up so much space in your head).
  • You actually look forward to writing your next sales page because you know it'll be easier next time.

The Copy Block System to Writing High-Converting Web Copy

The Most Effortlessly Effective Online Copywriting Training for Digital Creators

The copy block system (2)

What's Included:

10 Essential Copy Blocks

How to write them + where to put them

These are the ten essential pieces to any piece of conversion-oriented copy. Forget just one of them, and you'll see your conversion numbers drop off a cliff.

9 More Copy Blocks

Optional, but helpful

Create urgency and scarcity, answer questions, and use the secret weapon to writing sales copy to your advantage with these additional copy blocks.

Sale Page Outline Worksheet

So you never have to start with a blank page

Adding copy blocks in THIS order will ensure you get your sales page written in record time.

Sales Page Trello Board

To keep you organized

Keep all your copy, images, graphics, calls-to-action, and pages in one central place as you build your sales page.

For a limited time, I have 5 incredible bonuses valued at over $350 that will sweeten this already massively discounted deal...

Act today, and these exclusive bonuses are yours!


Launch Planning Masterclass

(Value: $99)

Plan your next launch by following this step by step masterclass. Includes a copy of the slides!


Printable Launch Planner

(Value: $49)

Get all your ducks in a row with this 30, 60, or 90-day launch planner that will help you plan and execute your next launch.


Example Launch Timelines

(Value: $19)

Examples of structuring a 30-day, 60-day or 90-day launch.


Ebook: 12 Sales Page Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

(Value: $29)

I've looked at hundreds of sales pages, and I compiled a list of the most common mistakes I've seen. Read this before you hit publish on yours.


Four sales page wireframes for WordPress

(Value: $199)

Copy blocks as page templates to get you started right away. There are two for Beaver Builder and two for Elementor.



"For years, I have struggled with sales pages. I wrote long sales pages for everything, including products less than $20. I feel like I've never been able to find the right words to connect with my audience. Emma has been so patient and helpful with me so I could find just the right wordings that will resonate with my audience. I'm still finishing up, but my next sales page is going to be so much better, thanks to her easy-to-follow templates that allow you to see things at a glance. I can't wait for my next launch!"

Tammy Whitten
Women Managing Stress


"I had so many ah-ha moments when I went through the Copy Block System. I ended up printing several copies of the workbook and using it to get clarity for my overall blog and also for my individual products. As I was going through it, I even came up with ideas for new products! I love how I can use it to update my current products (and sales pages) so that they're more in line with my customers' needs, and I can't wait to use it to create even more products!"

Alison Large
Organized Motherhood

Karen Bemmes

"Emma has an amazing talent for copywriting and creating sales pages. With her help, you feel like you can do this even if you've struggled before. I'm so glad I have this material to use over and over again."

Karen Bemmes
Moving Toward Better

Elizabeth Gilliand

"I used to dread making sales pages, even though I had products that I never have launched because the sales page never sounded or looked Iike I wanted. Emma takes the task of designing, writing, and implementing sales pages from not knowing where to start to having a page which resonates with my audience and I know will get results!"

Elizabeth Gilliand
Home Anchor Following Seas


"Prior to this, I had tried to read books on how to write good copy and make a solid sales page and always walked away confused and frustrated. Not anymore! Emma makes copy and good sales pages approachable- and even enjoyable. The system she teaches is easy to understand and implement on your own. I can't wait to apply everything I've learned to all of my sales pages. Thank you, Emma!!"

Chrissie Riese

The way I see it, money shouldn't be the thing that stops you from creating amazing high-converting sales pages...

Is the price too low?

My business partner thinks so. (Sorry Kathleen.)

But it's my way of giving back. Of paying my knowledge forward. After all, I wouldn't be able to work with the high-level clients I work with now were it not for copy blocks.

I want to help as many creators as possible get their copy written so they can move on with their lives.

I can't guarantee how long this will last at this price, though, because it's so far below market value.

So, take advantage today while it's at this low, low price and you can still get all those amazing bonuses for FREE.

Take action now, because this offer will disappear without notice!

Stop letting your copy hold you back. Take advantage of the special price of the Copy Block System and get started today!

You might not consider yourself a "writer"...

You've never written what you'd consider a "good" sales page before

You feel frustrated when you sit down to write copy

You lack the inherent skills required to create something that converts

But know this:

Copywriting is a science, not an art.

And because of that, you can do it too.

Science relies on formulas. Art relies on the muse.

Let everyone else struggle to find the muse. Use my system and get your copy written FAST.

You may be thinking...

It's designed specifically for you. It's helpful for people who have already written a sales page and want to find out what they should have included, but it's precisely for people who are starting from scratch!

It is! The Copy Block System follows tried and true methods of getting something out of your head and out into the world.

The delivery couldn't be simpler. You'll get everything via a special Dropbox link, complete with a roadmap so you'll know exactly what to open first!

You can consume all the content in an afternoon. But this is designed to help you write something, so open it every time you need to start a sales page.

I'm 100% confident that if you follow the roadmap and fill out every single content block, you'll see a dramatic improvement in your sales copy immediately. But if you hit a snag, reach out! Sometimes all you need is a second pair of eyes.


Complete Program Bundle


The copy block system (2)
The Copy Block System to Writing High-Converting Web Copy
$229 value
$229 value
10 Essential Copy Blocks
$99 value
$99 value
9 More Copy Blocks
$59 value
$59 value
Sales Page Outline Worksheet
$49 value
$49 value
Sales Page Trello Board
$49 value
$49 value

Plus, the limited-time bonuses...

Launch Planning Masterclass with slides
$99 value
$99 value
Printable Launch Planner
$49 value
$49 value
Example Launch Timelines
$19 value
$19 value
Four sales page wireframes for WordPress
$199 value
$199 value
Ebook: 12 Sales Page Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)
$29 value
$29 value

(Includes Unlimited Access)


Today's price: $99

One last thing...

What are you waiting for?

Think about it. In the time it took you to read to the bottom of this sales page, you could be halfway done with your next one.


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NOTE: "The Copy Block System"  is a digital video and digital file package. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. Individual results may vary. You'll still have to write your copy, this is just going to help you do it faster, and better than you'd be able to without the system.