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The Content Blocks System is a power-packed system and process bundle that will dramatically shortcut your path to adding a new, lucrative source of revenue in your business without increasing your workload!

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Attn: Digital Marketers, Content Marketers, Social Media Managers, and Service Providers

What would adding a new, premium offer do for your business?

And what if that offer were actually relatively simple to set up?

Content marketing is, at best, the ever-hungry gigapet we all killed in elementary school.


Your clients are probably throwing content online that is just noise. And they're doing it when they feel like it.


They're in good company: 60% of people have trouble putting out content consistently.


Content marketing doesn't produce instant results and often falls into the important-but-not-urgent quadrant of things that don't get done.


But you could help them using only one hour per month of their time and our system of creating engaging, high-converting content, on auto-pilot.

The numbers don't lie...

of B2B decision makers consume between three and five pieces of content before they talk to sales
of executives and business owners prefer learning about a business from content rather than advertisements

And, get this:

Coca-Cola invests more money in content marketing than they do in television advertisements.

So, if Coca-Cola, whose marketing budget is... how do we put this... larger than any client we know, if they're putting more money into their content marketing than they are on TV ads, then companies you work with absolutely need to be leveraging it more than they are.

Do either of the following sound like you?

  • You haven't started offering video marketing packages

    Even though you know how impactful a good video marketing strategy can be.


  • You help your clients create a video here or there

    But that video just languishes on Facebook or disappears after 24 hours on Instagram.

content with a purpose time

Let's end this, right now.

Don't waste another minute.

There's an easy way to add a revenue stream without having to start from scratch.

We created a repeatable process

That we've used to bring the magic of organic traffic and really well-qualified leads to dozens of our clients, and how you can do the same too.

It's not hard.

We've set up this process for people just like us... service providers who want to help amplify their clients' messages.

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There are three content blocks to master. That's it.

  • 1

    The story.

  • 2

    The main point(s).

  • 3

    The call to action.

The rest is just mechanics.

And we've got you covered with our internal SOPs, our task checklists, and tons of templates.

The thing is, you're ahead of most people when it comes to marketing.

You can name all the platforms. You know how powerful it is when a client gets some traction. But you've hesitated to learn the skills needed to create a new offer. Maybe you're lost on how to accomplish those things quickly.

  • STOP thinking you have to write 1000 words per client per week

    In fact, with this system (cue Scarlett O'Hara), you'll never write content again!

  • STOP wondering if your content will inspire

    Get practical, actionable tips on how to create content that converts.

  • STOP letting your lack of content strategy keep you from getting traffic, leads, and sales

    And get off the content hamster wheel once and for all.


Introducing the Content Blocks System

If you're looking for a way to add an additional revenue stream by tapping into the power of video and content repurposing, this course is for you.

  • Skip the blank page

  • Create strategic content for all platforms

  • Easily create content in batches

What's included in the Content Blocks System?

Block 1: Pricing + Packaging

In this workshop, you'll get your pricing and packaging DONE, knowing that everything is editable down the line. We'll get into how you can split things up, the different types of skills needed (and how to find team members to help), and how to make sure you're bringing in some money yourself.

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BONUS: Every pricing strategy we've tried

And where we are now.

Block 2: Content Strategy + Brainstorming

This is where we start every client engagement (and we charge for this as a standalone offer as well). It's the navigation system for every project, and helps them figure out the themes for their content, and know what kind of content to create in order to reach their goals.

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BONUS: An example deliverable

What a finished content strategy presentation might look like.

Block 3: Remote Video Interview Success Plan

In this workshop, you'll get a framework for every client session. This includes remote tech setup (for even the least tech savvy!), the ideal number of videos to record in each session, and exactly how to handle remote video production.

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BONUS: A list of icebreaker questions

To keep your clients from losing their concentration and getting back to highlighting their authority and expertise.

Block 4: Video Editing

In this workshop, you'll learn what to do after you've finished your client interviews. You'll come away with the knowledge of how to edit videos, which software to use, how to add captions/subtitles, and which aspect ratios and video lengths to export.

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BONUS: Adding stingers and the little things that make your videos stand out

How to color correct, when to add b-roll, and how to make sure you're producing high-quality work.

Block 5: Written Content

In this workshop, you'll learn how to turn a client's transcript into a blog post (it's more than simply copying and pasting!), how to turn that into an email, how to create a Twitter thread, how to create as many standalone pieces of written content as you can, for various character lengths.

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BONUS: The checklist we use to make sure our blog posts are ready for search engines

All the little things that add up to increased searchability, and therefore, more organic traffic.

Block 6: Graphics

In this workshop, you'll learn how to create graphics, what size graphics you need, and how to make them all in just minutes. 

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BONUS: A graphics cheatsheet and templates

As you might already realize, you're going to need a lot of graphics to deliver this kind of content. Here's how to make sure they're all on brand and the correct dimensions for each platform. 

Block 7: Social Media

In this workshop, you'll learn how we mix and match what you've created to build six months of content.

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BONUS: Our six month posting schedule

We've worked out how to use the video, written, and graphic content to create content that can be shared across multiple platforms. You'll get our exact schedule in an easy-to-understand graphic.

Block 8: Presentation and delivering it to the client

In this workshop, we'll discuss the various options you have for delivery -- everything from delivering a folder full of content to implementing the social media pieces yourself, you'll make sure you're delivering something that the client will actually use.

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BONUS: Our internal SOPs and checklists

You can implement our exact process through our proven SOPs and task checklists. This makes it super simple to bring your team up to speed.

Experience the freedom of getting your clients footholds on platforms they haven't even considered.

Platforms that can scale their income faster and easier than written content alone. BONUS: You can charge premium prices for this service!

If you're searching for a way to provide more value to your clients, help them scale their authority and advance their expertise, and do it in a way that doesn't burn you out AND makes you more money, you're in the right place.

In the Content Blocks System, we show you exactly how to take an interview recorded on a smartphone and turn it into 27 pieces of content:

1 YouTube Video

3-5 TikTok Videos

5-8 Instagram Reels

1 Twitter Video

1 Blog Post

1 Twitter Thread

3-5 LinkedIn Posts

1 Facebook Video

1 IGTV Video

1 Instagram Feed Video

1 LinkedIn Video

1 Email Newsletter

2 Twitter Quotes

5-8 Instagram Quotes

calendar content with a purpose

That's 27 to 37 distinct pieces of content. From ONE smartphone video!

Drip that out for six months, and soon you'll have your content marketing on autopilot!

Hi, we're Emma Bates and Kathleen Celmins.

We run a video-first content marketing agency called amplifiedNOW.

The Content Blocks System is exactly what we've done to scale our agency to profitability in its first year, dozens of happy clients who are making more money than ever before, and kept our team small but mighty.

10X organic traffic in 7 months

Here's a screenshot of what happens after one client implemented our system:

They 10X'd their organic traffic in just seven months using our Content Blocks System.

Imagine for a moment...

What would life be like if you could quickly and easily create a near-endless amount of high-quality content that actually generated leads and sales? And you could easily scale to five or ten clients, each paying you several thousand dollars per month?

Think of a near future where...

  • You're weeks ahead on content

    Instead of having six half-finished drafts across all your clients

  • You feel freer and happier in your career

    Because you know you've put in the work

  • You've bought your time back

    And can get to the other parts of your job... or even think about a vacation?

video play button content with a purpose'

The best way to solve "blank page syndrome" once and for all is to simply eliminate the page altogether.

What does it look like if it's easy?

Again, the numbers don't lie...

of all consumer internet traffic will be made up of online video by 2022.
Aberdeen Group says marketers who use video get
more leads per year.
of people doing video for business say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

What's in the Content Blocks System

Everything you need to create a content engine that will generate dozens of extremely well-qualified leads every month while putting in as little as 15 minutes a week for each client.


    Pricing Strategies

    Several different ideas on how to charge for this type of service.

  • save time content with a purpose

    The Micro Content Shortcut You Didn't Know You Needed

    And once you know it, you'll be off to the races with your short clips (no bobbing your head and pointing required).

  • hit the target content with a purpose

    Content Strategy

    How to create signal, not noise. 

  • essential gear

    Essential Gear

    All of the tools we use and recommend to create the highest quality content you can.

  • blank page syndrome

    Platform Selection

    Where should you put your content in order to amplify your impact?

  • a video first approach content with a purpose

    Why We Take a Video-First Approach

    And why we think you should, too.

  • video structure content with a purpose

    The Structure of a Winning Video

    How to structure your content to make the most impact.

  • video play button content with a purpose'

    Creating Intros and Outros

    How to make your content look more professional by adding a custom intro and an outro with your branding.

  • essential gear

    Video Editing Basics

    Letting software help you look and sound like the authority you are.

  • a video first approach content with a purpose

    Video Exporting Basics

    Each platform has different requirements. Here's how to get those right.

  • document content with a purpose

    Why and How to Transcribe

    Chances are, you've watched videos on mute. Your clients and prospects will, too.

  • blank page syndrome

    Turning Your Transcript into a Blog Post

    Beyond copying and pasting, this is a powerful way to create a blog post in minutes instead of hours.


    Making the Transcript Go the Extra Mile

    This is where the real fun of repurposing begins (and why my business partner wanted to call it "Content with a (RE)purpose").

  • doingmarketingdifferently

    Don't Forget About the Graphics

    The quick and easy way to create graphics for your content.

For a limited time, we have 9 bonuses valued at over $3000 that will sweeten this already massively discounted deal...

Act today, and these exclusive bonuses are yours!

  • blank page syndrome

    Bonus #1: Monthly Group Coaching for Accountability

    On the first Thursday of every month at 1PM Eastern, I'll go live into Zoom and you can come ask any questions you may have about this process.

  • doingmarketingdifferently

    Bonus #2: Private Facebook Group

    Where you can ask questions and connect with other service providers.

  • calendar content with a purpose

    Bonus #3: Six Month Social Media Posting Schedule

    How we use the content created to fill a social media calendar.

  • video structure content with a purpose

    Bonus #4: Pricing Strategy Worksheet

    Figure out where to position your packages to make the most money in your niche.

  • document content with a purpose

    Bonus #5: Example Content Strategy Deliverable and Template

    See how we deliver our Content Strategy and create your own using our templates.

  • hit the target content with a purpose

    Bonus #6: Icebreaker Interview Questions

    The exact questions we use to keep our clients focused and on target.

  • a video first approach content with a purpose

    Bonus #7: Stinger Templates

    Build intros and outros with ease using our templates.

  • document content with a purpose

    Bonus #8: Internal SOPs and Checklists

    Use our exact SOPs and checklists to keep your team on top of projects and clients happy.

  • essential gear

    Bonus #9: Graphics Cheatsheet and Templates

    Easily create all the graphics you need, in the correct sizes, with our templates.

What would it feel like to add more clients without having to add a ton more work to your already-full plate?

If you're already visualizing what it looks like to do this, we want to help. Here are some of our frequently-asked questions, but if you have any others, feel free to reach out to!

For one full year after purchase, you'll have access to all course material, all group coaching calls, and all the other bonuses. 

You can continue to have access to everything for a discounted price if you wish to continue. 

Pretty much. Some clients can be hesitant about video, but this contains everything you need to make them comfortable, and how to position it as the way to make content marketing work for them.

We've worked with clients across all industries. Honestly, there isn't an industry that won't benefit from this approach.

No! That's one of the beauties of this -- it looks professional and well-done, and it doesn't require you to create a video production studio.

You're NOT lazy.

But without a strategic approach, you'll always feel like you could be doing more.


  • Creating content that increases visibility for your clients.

  • Establishing authority on any platform.

  • Increasing your client base without overextending yourself.

You CAN create a content marketing engine that brings in readers, leads and sales.

And, once you've set it up for one client, you can replicate your system for each subsequent client.